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award nominations & distinctions


Dogs yapping, sniffing each other’s butts, cheerfully wagging until one of them dragged some smelly, mysterious thing from the bushes and two-by-two they engaged in a feral tug-of-war like wolves on a gazelle carcass...


Best Microfiction 2024 nominee

She sits in her wicker chair, the one painted bright green because that’s how she likes it...

Wigleaf Top 50 Longlist-2023

My fiancé’s mother looks me up and down, purses her lips, walks away, slippers tch-tch-ing. I hear her mutter, You send your sons off to study in America and this is what happens...

2023 Pushcart Prize nominee

2023 Best American Food Writing nominee

She drove, engine straining to its limit, through the shrub-mottled Sangre de Cristo range, past striated mesas, the deep ravine of the Rio Grande plunging low to the left...

2023 Best Small Fictions Anthology nominee

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